Private Jet & Related Air Charter Services

DukeJets arranges flights on private jets, turboprop airplanes, smaller multi-engine piston planes and large charter airliners, as well as charter helicopters. Utilizing a custom built, proprietary aircraft tracking and booking system, we source aircraft worldwide with relative ease.

We assist clients with both business and leisure flights. Short notice requests are welcomed. We are capable of arranging worldwide charter service for both passenger and cargo flights, as well as emergency and/or medically related charter flights on a more limited basis.

'; $block_basic_image = "contain-imag.gif"; $block_basic_image_alt = "DukeJets Ltd. arranges private jet charters in Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Quebec and Toronto) and worldwide."; $block_basic_image_title = "DukeJets Ltd. is a Canadian air charter brokerage arranging flights on a variety of private jets, turboprops, small piston aircaft, helicopters and charter airliners."; // request_estimate_button variables $request_button_name = "request-private-jet-charter-quote-online"; $request_button_alt = "Use this easy private jet charter request form to instantly submit a request for quote that we will review the instant we recieve it."; $request_button_title = "Online web request form submissions for air charter quotes are reviewed as fast, or faster, than requests via phone call."; // footer variables $keyword_link_url = ""; $cbaa_image_name = "private-jet-charter-flights-vancouver-calgary-toronto"; $cbaa_image_alt = "Private jet charter flights are available from cities throughout Canada, including vacation spots like Kelowna, BC and Mont Tremblant, Qu├ębec, Canada."; $cbaa_image_title = "DukeJets became a member in 2009 and provides private jet charter flights throughout Canada, including Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto."; ?>